Links for February 6th

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

The 1,000 Year Credit Union - J’accuse

The VAE used for Stable Diffusion 1.x/2.x and other models (KL-F8) has a critical flaw, probably due to bad training, that is holding back all models that use it (almost certainly including DALL-E 3). : StableDiffusion

If You Make Money Every Day, You're Not Maximizing - Party at the Moontower

Party at the Moontower -

CatBoost - open-source gradient boosting library

What is Milady? — Arthurt

The hidden evolutionary relationship between pigs and primates revealed by genome-wide study of transposable elements

Pkl :: Pkl Docs

(1) sunny morning house mix - YouTube

Beyond Self-Attention: How a Small Language Model Predicts the Next Token | Shyam's Blog

A Mathematical Theory of Communication

Rothschild and Hilton Dynasties to Merge with Nicky Hilton Engagement - Tablet Magazine