Links for September 2nd

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

Achieve 23x LLM Inference Throughput & Reduce p50 Latency

Thoughts about what worked in math circles • Buttondown

huggingface/text-generation-inference: Large Language Model Text Generation Inference

Augustine of Hippo - Wikipedia


To de-risk AI, the government must accelerate knowledge production | by Greg Fodor | Medium

DNA teleportation - Wikipedia

Lockheedmartin apparel | 록히드마틴 어패럴

Nomad [E] by Work Louder by Work Louder Inc. — Kickstarter

Normcore LLM Reads

My Way killings - Wikipedia

New LLM Foundation Models - by Sebastian Raschka, PhD

Fully Sharded Data Parallel: faster AI training with fewer GPUs Engineering at Meta -

Understanding Encoder And Decoder LLMs


Musings on typicality – Sander Dieleman

My Blog - My WordPress Blog

What Is the Longhouse? | L0m3z | First Things

Meltwater pulse 1B - Wikipedia

[2302.00196] An Axiomatic Characterization of CFMMs and Equivalence to Prediction Markets

Under the Hood of the Ethereum Gossip Protocol | SpringerLink

Manichaeism - Wikipedia

Idoru - Wikipedia

How Discord achieves native iOS performance with React Native

A Perfect Spy - Wikipedia

Drake - Fake Love (Madden UKG Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD] by Madden

All The Things She Said (Extension 119 Club Edit) - YouTube

One Pace | The Definitive One Piece Viewing Experience

(1) Natural immunity wins - YouTube

'JAZZEANS pt.III' | Newjeans Jazz Playlist pt.III [playlist] - YouTube

Book Review: The Hungry Brain | Slate Star Codex

SF Privately Owned Public Open Spaces

SF Privately Owned Public Open Spaces

A Framework for Evaluating Crypto VC Funds | by BrainGenius | Medium

Contracts - Basin

FEDE LNG - XX (AXT 003) - YouTube

A Theory for Emergence of Complex Skills in Language Models - YouTube


Online normalizer calculation for softmax

Dynasty Mindset — Charlotte Fang