Links for August 19th

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

[2308.03825] "Do Anything Now": Characterizing and Evaluating In-The-Wild Jailbreak Prompts on Large Language Models

KL-divergence as an objective function — Graduate Descent

In Plain Sight: Ross Coulthart, 12/08 Discussion : UFOs

Julie W. Design on Twitter: "fun fact: creating consistent characters in midjourney doesn't have to be complicated 🔥 no image links, no seeds, no weird parameters – just a prompt + some patience 🫶 it's a short tutorial (I promise) – ready set go Technology and Strategy: Conceptual Models and Diagnostics: 8580000033540: Goodman, Richard A., Lawless, Michael W.: Books

Inside MH370's cargo theory that links the United States Air Force to the missing plane

1561 celestial phenomenon over Nuremberg - Wikipedia

normal-computing/outlines: Generative Model Programming

Real-Time Research Walkthrough: Mover Heads Part 1/2 - YouTube

Richard Rhodes - Making of Atomic Bomb, AI, WW2, Oppenheimer, & Abolishing Nukes - YouTube

Antimetal | Save up to 75% on AWS

Coordination as a Scarce Resource — LessWrong

American Pravda: Why the Media Fears RFK Jr., by Ron Unz - The Unz Review

How is LLaMa.cpp possible?

George Hotz vs Eliezer Yudkowsky AI Safety Debate - YouTube

mindrage/Manticore-13B-Chat-Pyg-Guanaco-GGML · Hugging Face

graphql-python/gql: A GraphQL client in Python

oobabooga/text-generation-webui: A Gradio web UI for Large Language Models. Supports transformers, GPTQ, llama.cpp (ggml), Llama models.

Huber loss - Wikipedia

[2104.09864] RoFormer: Enhanced Transformer with Rotary Position Embedding

wallets - How the centralized exchanges handle deposits? - Ethereum Stack Exchange

Jim Fan on X: "There're few who can deliver both great AI research and charismatic talks. OpenAI Chief Scientist @ilyasut is one of them. I watched Ilya's lecture at Simons Institute, where he delved into why unsupervised learning works through the lens o

An observation on Generalization - YouTube

Fairmint/c-org: Smart-contracts for continuous organizations

Making Amazing Recreational Drug Cocktails | Qualia Computing

[2305.18654] Faith and Fate: Limits of Transformers on Compositionality

Bay of Pigs Invasion - Wikipedia

Life insurers confirm excess young deaths - YouTube

vLLM: Easy, Fast, and Cheap LLM Serving with PagedAttention


Cameron R. Wolfe, Ph.D. on X: "Have you ever played with the topP parameter on chat/text completion APIs? This parameter, based upon a technique called nucleus sampling, is a great way to control the randomness of a language model’s output. Here’s how

Competing Theories of Grokking

Building transformers from neurons and astrocytes | PNAS

(1) [ 40Hz ] GAMMA Binaural Beats, Ambient Study Music for Focus and Concentration - YouTube

National IQ dataset – View on IQ

Elite overproduction - Wikipedia

Uap_Timeline_Prepared_By_Anon.pdf | PDF Host

Aerodynamic Interactions and Turbulence Mitigation by Unidentified Aerospace- Undersea Phenomena

[2301.03728] Scaling Laws for Generative Mixed-Modal Language Models