Links for May 20th

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

Steering GPT-2-XL by adding an activation vector - AI Alignment Forum

(PDF) Searching for Positive Returns at the Track

The Real Spirited Away Bathhouse: 3 Onsen Behind The Movie - Voyagin

Andrej Karpathy on Twitter: "Promising. Everyone should hope that we can throw away tokenization in LLMs. Doing so naively creates (byte-level) sequences that are too long, so the devil is in the details. Tokenization means that LLMs are not actually full

Ariana Grande - positions / Tina Boo Choreography - YouTube

Red Velvet 레드벨벳 'Bad Boy' MV - YouTube


Flynn effect - Wikipedia

Zuzalu - home

Education as the Elixir of Growth III

Writing: Good Career Move, Terrible Career | by Byrne Hobart | Medium

Synanceia - Wikipedia

Third rail (politics) - Wikipedia

'We Built A Robot That Types': The Man Behind Computerized Stock Trading : NPR

Why do most nation’s have a negative opinion of Israel? : r/TrueAskReddit

hendricius/the-sourdough-framework: Open source book dedicated to helping you to make the best possible sourdough bread at home.

Infection with common cold coronaviruses can trigger broad cross-immunity against SARS-CoV-2 proteins

AGI Futures - roon’s blog

Zoom In: An Introduction to Circuits

[1711.11279] Interpretability Beyond Feature Attribution: Quantitative Testing with Concept Activation Vectors (TCAV)

Reflect: High-performance sync for multiplayer web apps

NØVMBR - Lost Episode (feat. Decisive Koala) | Rekt Network

Enhanced punishment: can technology increase life sentences? | Practical Ethics

The genealogy of Nick Land's anti-anthropocentric philosophy: a psychoanalytic conception of machinic desire.


[2305.10425] SLiC-HF: Sequence Likelihood Calibration with Human Feedback

Asset Pricing: Time-Series Predictability by David Rapach, Guofu Zhou :: SSRN

Sven Loven - Humiliation Ritual - No Gallery | Chat with your PDF documents

Relief Map

Transformer Inference Arithmetic | kipply's blog

Someday We'll All Be Free - YouTube

Sichuan spicy beef pancakes (军屯锅盔) - YouTube

Where Do Great Ideas Come From? | The Generalist

DevEx: What Actually Drives Productivity - ACM Queue

Is This the Future of Home Automation?