Links for May 6th

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

Photos: A look inside the Unabomber's Montana cabin

Why Most Published Research Findings Are False - Wikipedia

Dinamarca | Boiler Room x P.A.M. - YouTube

Moniboo by dinamarca

dinamarca - modo avião by dinamarca

It's Not Intelligent If It Always Halts: A Critical Perspective on Current Approaches to AGI - Life Is Computation

Frozen Desire: Meaning of Money: Buchan, James: 9781566491808: Books

[no title]

Technological Slavery

The Center Cannot Hold

Hobart :: I’ll kill myself if you leave

Loss Landscapes are All You Need: Neural Network Generalization Can Be Explained Without the Implicit Bias of Gradient Descent | OpenReview

AI philosophy: Deep philosophical questions answered by AI

Spooky Black - Without U (Acoustic Cover) - YouTube

Hiroko Yamamura | Boiler Room x Slingshot Festival - YouTube

Blend: Perpetual Lending With NFT Collateral - Paradigm

Borges and $: The Parable of the Literary Master and the Coin - Longreads

Classic Chinese Novels - Wikipedia

Dick Cheney hunting accident - Wikipedia

cohost! - "I want to talk about WebGPU"

8GURU / index

panana by dinamarca

Lessons from The Years of Lyndon Johnson by Robert Caro

[no title]

Project Zero: An iOS zero-click radio proximity exploit odyssey

Online Ceramics Home Page

[2305.02463] Shap-E: Generating Conditional 3D Implicit Functions

Building Ellee — A GPT-3 and Computer Vision-Powered Talking Robotic Teddy Bear With Human-Level Conversation Intelligence | by Agustinus Nalwan | Towards Data Science

Who regulates the regulators?

♡ Charlotte Fang 🐉 Crown Prince on Twitter: "It’s inevitable we’ll see more soft cults [1] manifest online as atomized individuals seek out spaces of shared meaning. Footnotes 1. Tribal cultures with gatekeeping norms and incircle/outcircle forme

We Interviewed Deepfake Tom Cruise - YouTube