Links for December 31st

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

Stat Arb on Twitter: "This is a pretty important primer. Links below (also background knowledge textbook provided)" / Twitter

Null (K.K. Null) - Terminal Beach (Full Album) 1996 - YouTube

How Physics Engines Work - Build New Games

ApplyingML - Papers, Guides, and Interviews with ML practitioners

[2212.04089] Editing Models with Task Arithmetic

Exploring Transfer Learning with T5: the Text-To-Text Transfer Transformer – Google AI Blog

How to Focus to Change Your Brain | Huberman Lab Podcast #6 - YouTube

TorToiSe Architectural Design Doc – Non_Interactive – Software & ML

My deep learning rig – Non_Interactive – Software & ML

React Wrap Balancer

aseprite/aseprite: Animated sprite editor & pixel art tool (Windows, macOS, Linux)

Upscale to huge sizes and add detail with SD Upscale, it's easy! : StableDiffusion

An Intuitive Explanation of GPT Models - Part 1 | Carter’s Blog

google/zx: A tool for writing better scripts

The Butter Thesis – Nick Grossman

[2204.05832] What Language Model Architecture and Pretraining Objective Work Best for Zero-Shot Generalization?

Why and how to write things on the Internet |

‎The Films That Influenced Zach Cregger's ‘Barbarian’, a story by Horrorville • Letterboxd

COVID-19 vaccine boosters for young adults: a risk benefit assessment and ethical analysis of mandate policies at universities | Journal of Medical Ethics

Automating Unity Builds — Part 1 : Unity via Command Line | by Fadhil Noer Afif | Medium

2022 letter | Zhengdong

[2110.10819] Shaking the foundations: delusions in sequence models for interaction and control

How Technology Grows (a Restatement of Definite Optimism)