Links for May 7th

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

Consensus Capital Markets — Alkimiya

Elon vs. Obama - Tablet Magazine

WhoMadeWho, Rampa - UUUU (Original Mix) [Embassy One] - YouTube

Why innovation prizes fail - Works in Progress

Understanding PLONK

«China's Leadership Is Prisoner of Its Own Narrative» | The Market

There is MICHELIN STAR restaurant in a quiet residential area | tokyo | japanese food | noodle | art - YouTube

The Boston Tea Party - HISTORY

Political Ideologies for the 21st Century - RadicalxChange

Distribution and conversion models for consumer startups · Bessemer Venture Partners

A Hype-Free Overview of Web3 Marketing — Reforge

The Shocking Supreme Court Leak - by Bari Weiss

Right Populism Needs Left Economics | Compact Mag

Decide When to Stop | Shape Up

Frax Finance: The Fractional-Algorithmic Bank – Mechanism Capital

Every Bay Area House Party - by Scott Alexander

The Commons

[no title]

Social Platforms: types, business models, network effects

Yield Farming Info